Ghost in the machine

If this all works out correctly, you're reading this post on PMO, and this blog is now running ghost, a new node.js MIT-licensed blogging platform.

I've been occasionally blogging for a long long time. I've written my own blogging software, twice. I've run everything from MT through wordpress, phpnuke and Drupal to Octopress/Jekyll. I'm cautiously optimistic for this new thing, but mainly I'm keen to use something that might help me get off my ass and write more. The writing / publishing workflow is, in a word, sublime, especially for someone like myself who prefers markdown over anything else. I also have a predilection for visualized data.

As my good friend David Eaves says:

"if writing is a muscle, this is my gym"

And so this dalience with ghost is an attempt to get in better shape, and also to see about contributing to an open source project I think should succeed, to write more web code outside of the day job.

Jeff Griffiths


Jeff Griffiths

Open Web hacker and Product Manager at Mozilla.